If it dries hands in the restroom we probably have it. From inexpensive brands to the Top-Of-The Line High Tech Race Horses in the Hand Dryer world here are a list of Hand Dryers from A to Z and what makes them special.


  • American Dryer Hand Dryer

    We offer 17 different models from this patriotic brand of Hand dryers. From the Extreme Air Line to the Global value Series we have you covered in both push-button and automatic no-touch varieties. These are down home and wholesome Made in America electric hand dryers for every budget. We offer recessed designs, stainless steel durability versions, and low-cost, energy efficient varieties. This company has been a leader in the world of hand dryers for over 60 years.


  • American Specialties Hand Dryers

    Another high quality, brand of hand dryers. Models include the Turbo-Dri High-Speed, The TRI-Umph High-Speed, The Turbo-Dri Semi-Recessed, Recessed Quiet High-Speed, the Sensor Series, Full Recesses and cast-Iron Series. 13 different models in various colors and features ensuring quiet and fast hand drying with value and vandal resistant technology.

  • Dyson Hand Dryers

    The Dyson Airblade is the hottest, fastest selling, State-of-the-Art hand dryer on the market today. Dysons Airblade technology is a forerunner in the new Airblast design. Hands are inserted vertically into the dryer and waves of focused, high-speed, high-powered air literally scrape the water and moisture off your hands. This machine is fun to use. Low noise and energy efficient, these new breeds of Green Machines are the wave of the hand drying future. Check one out today. We offer 5 different versions of the Dyson Airblade.

  • Excel Hand Dryers

    Another high-end racehorse of a hand dryer. The Xlerator Hand Dryer Series is a high-speed extremely fast hand dryer. Low noise and energy efficient we offer 5 different models that are renown for using %80 less energy than other models. This environmentally friendly Green Machine qualifies for LEED credits and comes in sleek and stylish designs.

  • Mitsubishi Hand Dryers

    The Mitsubishi Jet Towel is a wonder from the Land Of The Rising Sun. Vertical open-faced design allows for easy access is a departure from the classic Hand under the Nozzle type. Very fast drying, low noise and low-energy consumption makes this a cool-as-ice warm-air hand dryer. The dual jet design and powerful motor dries hand in seconds. Anti-bacterial features and its environmentally friendly construction make it a best seller in high-end hand dryers.

  • Saniflow Hand Dryers

    A top competitor in the world of hand dryers. The Saniflow brand has open-faced hands in design with their state of the art Dualflow Plus and Dualflow High Speed models. These are high-tech Green Machines that dry the hands in as fast as 8 seconds. Just like the Dyson Airblade, these are the creme de la creme of hand dryers. Other models of Saniflow hand dryers include the Machflow, Speedflow, Heavy Duty, Mediflow, Optima and High Range versions.

  • World Hand Dryers

    We offer 31 different models of this brand of hand dryers. This is one of the most diverse manufacturers of hand dryers in the world. Every feature, color, make, speed, and price is represented in World Hand Dryers. Sleek and energy efficient, their top of the line model, the Smart-Dri is as durable and vandal resistant as it is sanitary and cost effective. Antimicrobial technology ensures a fast and germ free hand drying experience. Established in 1948 World Hand Dryers have been a consumer friendly player for decades. Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at

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