World Hand Dryers

World Dryer Corp. est. 1948 is The company for electric hand dryers. Expounding the slogan High Intensity. Fast. Smart. Their line of 16 different electric hand dryers covers every possible desire of the modern hand dryer. From the high-tech, environmentally conscious Smart-Dri model to the low end cost friendly models World hand dryers covers the consumer. World Dryer Corp has been a leader in the electric hand dryer industry for over 50 years.

World Hand Dryers Newest Innovation

The newest model, The Smart-Dri, is energy efficient, durable and hygienic in it's simplicity. Electricity consumption is 40% lower than competing models. The twin jet airflow removes water in ten seconds (3X faster than other models) Vandal resistant construction (stainless steel and aluminum) and antimicrobial technology are hallmarks of this model. Adjustable three-speed motor allows for noise reduction. The Smart-Dri has a 2 to 3 times longer service life than other competitive electric hand dyer brands. It has a five year limited warranty. It incorporates new state of the art anti-microbial technology making it perfect for corporate offices, medical environments and personal home use. Other models include highly affordable and utilitarian plug in models (Nova Plug In), no touch versions, the standard ubiquitous Model A and its variants, all offering the high quality, low noise, paper-free durable hand dryers. World Hand Dryers are perfect for high traffic restrooms and washrooms as well as executive offices. World Dryer's newest innovation the Airforce High Speed Dryer combines high speed drying time with exceptional design. World Hand Dryers SteriTouch feature is an antimicrobial additive designed to reduce the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi, while remaining entirely safe for even the most sensitive applications. Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at


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