When there are a large number of people using the same bathroom, an automatic paper towel dispenser could be invaluable. Not only will it help to keep your bathroom tidy, but it will also help to keep it more hygienic too. Here at Hand Dryers and More we provide you with top of the range automatic paper towel dispensers at affordable prices. There are many different types of automatic paper towel dispensers available and we provide you with some of the best on the market. They are hard wearing and they should last you for quite a few years. Different automatic paper towel dispensers work in different ways. Some require you to simply pull the towel down and the machine automatically presents another one ready for the next person. More advanced systems require you to wave your hands under the machine and a towel is automatically presented to you. The most cost effective type is the former mentioned, but it will depend upon personal taste (and budget!) as to which one you choose. Overall automatic paper towel dispensers are great for keeping your bathroom tidy and hygienic too. They come in a variety of styles and Hand Dryers and More Provide you with some of the best on the market. So why not take a look at our collection today to see just how much you could save on automatic paper towel dispensers?


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