Hand Dryers and More provide you with some of the best, affordable washroom accessories available on the market today. Whether you are looking for a soap dispenser, an automatic paper towel dispenser, a toilet tissue dispenser or even mirrors; you will find everything that you need for a hygeinic washroom right here. It is important to keep the washroom as hygienic as possible; even if only a few people use it each day. Bacteria can easily spread from one person to the next and so it really is important to keep the washroom as clean as possible clean at all times. To do this you can use various washroom accessories such as the liquid soap dispenser. You can purchase both automatic and manual liquid soap dispensers and obviously the automatic ones will be more hygienic. Automatically dispensing soap onto the hands without the need for it to be touched, an automatic soap dispenser is one of the most hygienic purchases that you can make for the washroom. Other washroom accessories include hand dryers and we supply you with some of the best touchless models at the best possible prices. Designed to work using infrared motion sensors, automatic dryers have a typical battery life of 3 years and they really help to combat the spread of illnesses and disease. Overall there are many different types of washroom accessories that you can purchase for your home or business and we stock some of the most hygienic products on the market.


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