The AMERCANS WITH DISABILITY ACT requires public restrooms to display signage that informs and directs patron in various manners. These can be signs with pictures, multiple languages (English/Spanish/Bilingual) and Braille. This is also true with the CA Title 24 code. These acts and codes are designed to help people of limited mobility/vision or other impairments to use any public restroom, office facility or public area. Sensitivity to those who are not able to see or easily move about or understand what others take for granted is of paramount importance in our society. These ADA Restrooms signs and signifiers are not only ethical, but also the law. These signs are useful to not only people who may or may not read the prominent local language, but also for the blind who need a Braille system to figure out where they are and what station they are at.


ADA RESTROOM SIGNS also come in tactile Braille with more prominent surfaces as well as printed and engraved surfaces. Informational signs are available along with hand washing signs with instructions and regulations regarding hand washing rules and regulations. With ADA Restroom Signs your user will be informed and instructed in a variety of languages including Braille assuring the restroom experience is a safe and satisfying one that meets all ADA and CA TITLE 24 requirements. ADA RESTROOM SIGNS come in varieties of shapes, locations and colors to indicate what services are available to the bathroom/restroom user. These include standard white on blue signs, black on white and blue on white colors. Also these signs can be ordered with designer/custom colors, white on brown, white on green, white on red, blue on ivory, Blue on gray(s), black on gray, black on orange, black on yellow and other colors to satisfy your stylistic needs.


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