Benefits of Using Hand Dryers

Cleanliness and image and health go hand in hand. If your business or institution has a "Bathroom Problem" (Unsightly messy and unattended) then it has an image problem and people will avoid it. This is why installing electric hand dryers and removing paper systems may be right for you.

Top Reasons to make the switch

  • Cleanliness
  • Economical
  • Environmental
  • Practical

    Ultimately, a clean bathroom and the image that come with it are the two greatest benefits of installing an electric hand dryer. The impact of a shiny, clutter free place to take care of business is incalculable. It promotes confidence and a sense of security, which benefits all involved.

    The cost to benefit ratio between a hand dryer and paper towels is noticeable. The average operating cost of having a hand dryer in your washroom is about $40 a year. The average cost of maintaining a paper system is over $700 a year. Labor costs are greatly reduced. One installation and no maintenance compared to janitorial staff, continual upkeep and replacement de to vandalism.

    Vandals love to rip open paper towel dispensers and steal the valuable paper or make a mess with it. That is a considerable cost. Modern hand dryers are energy efficient and low-noise. They can dry hands in a matter of seconds and are practically autonomous. One installation and they are ready 24-7 year round.

    The environmental benefits of hand dryers are gaining more and more public awareness these days. Paper towels are non-recyclable even if they are made from recycled materials. This means they generate more waste once they are used and discarded. They enter a "Stream" of waste material, which once again needs to be processed with water and chemicals and affect the ecology. A hand dryer generates no waste and is energy efficient.

    The amount of electricity it uses is negligible. The unit itself is pretty simple to make. It's parts can be recycled and effect the environment in a very minimal way. Think of the impact on trees and water alone. 2,200 Lbs. (one ton) of paper consumes 17 trees. 24 trees are saved in the average lifetime of one hand dryer is .35% of landfill water is paper towel related.

    The cost of paper towels (conservatively tallied) is approximately $75 a month. The cost of the dispenser is about $50. Compared to an electric hand dryer which is $300 or more it seems reasonable, but the hand dryer's maintenance is zero. It uses less than $15 a month on average of electricity per month. That is a net savings of approximately $60 per month every month. The life expectancy of the average hand dryer is 10 years. Calculated over 120 months times $60 and you have a total savings of $7200. That is considerable, and once again---zero upkeep.

    The electric hand dryer is practical too. It is convenient and sanitary and eliminates vandalism associated with paper towel products. One push of the button and a few seconds of time s all it takes. Then the user exits. No unsanitary germ spreading wet paper towels in the trash, on counter tops or on the floor. Every time a human has to pick up a wet paper towel it spreads germs. Touch free hand dryers are now available on the market, which cuts out the need to push a button.


    What's the Best Hand Dryer?

    Hand dryers are popular restroom accessories installed by various businesses. Their popularity stems from their convenience and ease of use plus the huge cost savings they bring to a business. Ever since its invention in 1948, the hand dryer has continued a steady process of development and gaining widespread acceptance in the market.

    There are mainly two types of hand dryers push button operated and automatic hand dryers controlled by an infra-red sensor. Between the two automatic hand dryers consume fewer watts per second and offer greater energy efficiency because they stop as soon as the hands are withdrawn. The push-button hand dryer runs on a timer. Both offer significant advantages over paper towels the traditional alternative to hand dryers.

    Selecting the right air hand dryer may be a difficult task. If you are having this thing in your mind about purchasing hand dryers for your establishment, you will surely find out that there are actually several designs from different manufacturers that are being offered by the market. Please contact our trained staff at anytime so we can take you step by step through the process. Some questions before deciding on electric hand dryer are. How much traffic is there going to be in the restroom? Is noise going to be an issue? How to install electric hand dryer? How long does it take to dry your hand hands? Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at

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