Waste receptacles are an essential accessory in any bathroom. They provide a sanitary place for people to place paper towels and other waste products. Choosing the best waste receptacle for your washroom is vital if you want to create the most hygienic washroom environment. Here at Hand Dryers and More we present you with some of the most stylish, affordable and hygienic waste receptacles available. There are so many different varieties to choose from so just how do you know which one would be right for you? Well first of all the main thing that you need to consider is do you want a waste receptacle with or without a lid? If you choose one with a lid then it will improve the look of the washroom as you will not have to see the waste. However, unless you select an automatic or foot pedal waste receptacle, it would not be overly hygienic. If you place paper towels in your washroom then you may also consider purchasing a recycling waste receptacle. However you will need to place a sign stating that only paper towels can be placed in the bin. Overall there are many different types of waste receptacles available for the washroom. So why not take a look at the selection on our site today to see which one would be right for your bathroom?


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