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The touchless restroom is the new wave of automated, sanitation oriented, mechanized, touch-free restroomsand wash areas of the future. Each device is motion activated by your hands. Gone are the days where you have to touch a device after washing your hands. What does this mean? This means that by only waving your hands under a faucet, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, toilet or hand dryer you get served by the machine. No longer do you have to push a button or turn a crank. It is all motion activated restroom simple, clean and efficient.


  • Automatic Hand Dryers
  • Automatic Toilet Flushers
  • Automatic Faucets
  • Automatic Soap Dispeners
  • Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers


    This means that if a person with dirty hands uses the sink or dryer they do not transmit germs to the next user. A person with low standards in hygiene in a public place is marginalized and left to their own bad manners. This also means that waste is reduced. No longer does a lazy person leave the water on or use too much of a supply on the first try. Each flush, each stream of water, each dollop of soap and each length of expensive paper products are metered. No more overflowing toilets or sinks. No more greedy grabs of paper towels or bars of soap. The restroom of the future will meter out conservative, yet effective portions to keep the operating costs down and waste to a deliberate minimum.

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