Automatic flushers help to keep your bathroom, as well as the people who use it, bacteria free. Just like the ones that you see in many public and business toilets, our selection of automatic flushers are designed to make your life that little bit easier. Automatic flushers are extremely clever in the way in which they operate. You don’t even have to touch them to make them work. Using sensors, the flusher is typically battery operated and it eliminates the need for you to actually touch the flusher. In cases where many people use the same urinal, there can be a risk of passing on bacteria. So providing a flusher which doesn’t actually need to be touched is much more hygienic. So by choosing one of our automatic flushers, you can be sure that your toilet will remain hygienic and looking more presentable. They are easy to install and the batteries in them can also be easily replaced when the time comes. There is no need for replumbing and in many cases our automatic flushers will fit over your existing flusher handle. The newer, more advanced automatic flushers can even sense when you have finished using the toilet and they will automatically flush as you walk away. This is done through infrared sensors that lock onto a person once they are in front of the urinal. It is extremely clever and they run off batteries that typically need to be replaced every 3 years. Overall automatic flushers are definitely worthwhile if you are concerned about hygiene in your home or business. Our selection of automatic flushers includes some of the best on the market and they come at affordable prices too. So why not invest in an automatic flusher today?


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