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What Are Urinal Screens

One of the main hygiene concerns within a urinal is the possibility that urine could splash out of the actual urinal itself. If this occurs then the chance of bacteria being spread from one person to the next is quite high. Not only that, but the scent produced after a period of time will be extremely strong. Luckily Hand Dryers and More have the answer for this delicate problem and it comes in the form of a urinal screen. The screens are designed to allow urine through the holes, but the splashback that occurs when the urine hits the urinal will not pass through. Many urinal screens come with deodrant blocks in them which release a nice scent into the washroom. There are different styles available and whilst some can look tacky, here at Hand Dryers and More we provide you with only the best screens available. Another advantage to urinal screens is that large objects cannot be thrown into the urinal. This will prevent potential blockage and expensive plumbing bills. The position of the screen means that when the water flushes, it goes over the screen and cleans it ready for the next person. Overall urinal screens do make any urinal a healthier place to be. They prevent urine from being splashed back onto the user and they improve the appearance of the urinal too. So why not invest in one of our urinal screens today and see just how much it benefits your washroom!


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