Why Use Auto Soap Dispensers?

Have you ever handled raw meat and gone to wash your hands, only to realize that if you do, you will get bacteria all over the tap or soap dispenser? It can be a nightmare having to clean the taps and the soap dispenser, as well as your hands, every time that you need to use them. That is why many people turn to auto soap dispensers. An auto soap dispenser will eliminate this problem and it is a much more hygienic solution than a pump operated one. They are triggered by a sensor when you place your hands under the dispenser. Different dispensers will have a different trigger area limit. Most will require you to place your hands very close to the dispenser, whilst others will release the soap when they detect a slight movement near it. It is an infrared sensor that triggers a switch inside the dispenser, which then releases the soap. Another advantage to an auto soap dispenser is that it will not require much maintenance. Pump dispensers can become worn out after a while. There is no chance of that happening with an automatic soap model and they will usually last a good few years before the battery needs to be replaced. Hand Dryers and More have a great selection of automatic soap dispensers at wholesale prices. We believe in providing you with the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. So if you do not have a lot of money to spend but you would love to make your home or business a more hygienic place to be, then why not take a look at our auto soap dispenser range today.

Types Of Auto Soap Dispensers



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