Benefits of Auto Toilet and Urinal Flushers

Auto toilet flushers are becoming more and more widely used each year because there are so many benefits to using automatic toilet flushing systems. 

  • Completely touch less
  • Conveniently flushes
  • Saves water
  • Keeps toilets cleaner
  • Reduces germs & disease

    Automatic toilet flushers

    are a must-have for any bathroom facility that is open to high traffic. These easily mounted, battery-operated devices ensure a single flush for a single user. This eliminates the possibility of water -waste due to over zealous toilet users or vandals seeking to cause a mess or intentional plumbing back up. These small and affordable add-ons to any commercially available commode are motion activated with infrared sensors. This touch-free technology ensures maximum hygiene and sanitary bathroom experience. There is no need for a hardwire AC connection. These units are energy efficient and environmentally sound with no need to make contact unless when activating the override button. This means overall control of infectious disease. The 24 hour automatic flushing monitor makes sure the toilet keeps up maintenance flushing even when the unit is not being used---reducing standing water in toilet that may lead to germs festering---keeping things fresh at all times. The automatic flushing operation provides water savings and greatly reduces wear and tear, which translates into maintenance and operating savings. Installation of the automatic toilet flusher and battery replacement does not require water to be turned off. Easy and safe for the life of the device. Approximately 60,000 flush cycles. Built-in daily flush prevents sewer gas from escaping due to dry taps.

    Install Auto Toilet Flushers

    Most installation only takes two minutes to retrofit existing toilets or commodes into an automatically flushing experience. �No water shut-off required and no plumber needed. Simply remove your existing flush handle with the supplied wrench, replace with your new Side Mount Automatic Flusher unit, and tighten the collar nut with the same wrench. Insert supplied batteries, and you have just converted your restroom to a higher standard of hygiene.� Makes and Models of Automatic Toilet Flushers: Sloan Valve Metal Optima SMO. Sloan Valve Solis Solar Powered Automatic Flush Valve G2 Optima Plus Automatic Flushometers. Zurn EZ Flush Automatic Flusher. Toto EcoPower Exposed Automatic Sensor Flush Valve. Hybridflush Water Closet Flush Valve. These devices really do offer a sensible utility when issues of water conservation, limited upkeep and washroom hygiene/sanitation are concerned. Simple to install, cost effective, environmentally conscious and easy to use (to say the least), the automatic toilet flusher makes one last task in the day obsolete. 
    One of the greatest advantages for consumers is that the auto flusher is completely touch less. A touch less automatic toilet flusher creates the opportunity to protect ourselves from excessive germs and disease. The prevention of cross-contamination can significantly reduce the chances of one falling ill due to restroom germ transfer. Another benefit is convenience and water control. Appearance is also a very important part of restroom cosmetics as well as hygiene and cleanliness. Automatic toilet flusher will ensure that each toilet is flushed after every use and nothing will be left behind. In a given facility, appearance and cleanliness is an absolute must. There are certain requirements and regulation that have been put into place to ensure that the facility complies with specific health standards. This includes but is not limited to proper ventilation systems, flushing systems, hand washing areas, hand drying mechanisms (paper towels, or hand dryers), and soap. These requirements have been put into place in an effort to reduce the spread of illness and disease through cross-contamination. Automatic toilet flushers take these requirements to the next level. Auto flushers exceed all requirements in restroom facilities and do the very best job of helping protect restroom users from cross-contamination.
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