Most Popular Air Hand Dryers

Millions of businesses around the world are using popular hand dryers as their popularity is ever increasing. Air hand dryers are growing in popularity because of their ease of use and a huge savings of that they offer. This amazing innovation in hand drying was introduced in 1948. Since that time, the hand dryer has grown steadily through the years and is accepted world wide. There have been some amazing innovations in Hand Dryer in the past few years. Today, hand dryers are can dry hands within 10 seconds while staying relativity quiet. These hand dryers are available to fit each individual and their desired design. Hand Dryer come in all shapes and sizes and finishes. Brushed aluminum, white and black hand dryers are the most popular choice. These options allow them to fit in any architectural specification. Many popular places that you may see hand dryers are theaters, manufacturer plants, office buildings and restaurants. Hand dryers incorporate antimicrobial treatment for hygiene with a nonflammable sturdy housing. Depending on the model of hand dryers they are made to withstand acts of vandalism, corrosion, and everyday use. Hand dryers are self disinfecting, generating ozone to deodorize and clean its own housing and the area around it. This helps keep the hand dryers environment free from excess bacteria build up. click here for more information


Types of Popular Hand Dryers

Your basic popular hand dryer consists of two main types. These types are push button operated or the automatic hand dryer. The automatic hand dryers are controlled by an infra-red sensor. Both the push button hand dryer and the automatic hand dryer are great alternatives to the use of paper towels. However the auto hand dryer consumes fewer watts per second and offer more energy efficiency than the push button hand dryer. This is because the push button hand dryer is on a timer and the auto hand dryers have and infra-red sensor that only stays on as long as the hands are drying. Once the hands are removed the auto hand dryer turns off. You may have noticed that hand dryer have changed there look and style over the years. The traditional model is square with a heating element and blows warm air to dry your hands. The new generation of hand dryers allows the user to insert their whole hand inside the unit and jet power air forces the water off. Some have air speeds of 400 mph. Click here Dyson Hand Dryers


Popular Hand Dryers Save Money

There is a constant debate going on of whether it is better to use hand dryers or paper towels. Our belief is thatpopular air hand dryers are far superior. Hand Dryers are easy to use and practically maintenance free. This right away, cuts down on man hours for any given facility. Paper towels on the other hand are not maintenance free. They need constant attention. Paper towels need to be constantly restocked, plus you must dispose of the soiled used paper towels. Hand dryer eliminate waste and litter. By using Hand Dryers as an alternative to paper towels, one can save upwards of 90%. Many people nowadays desire hands free operations. Using auto-hand dryers gives the public the opportunity to have a hands free experience to ensure their personal comfort and hygiene. Making this choice to use Hand Dryers will make a difference in the protection of our environment. Hand Dryers are Eco-Friendly. No cutting of trees, no pollution of water, no wasted landfill space. This is a step forward to a better tomorrow.


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