What are Automatic Hand Dryers?

Infrared sensors activate and deactivate when your hands are placed or removed around the sensor zone. They also are equipped with thermal protection/safety feature that will reset the motor if an object is in the sensor zone longer then 60 seconds. Automatic Hand Dryers typically also have a heating element inside which blows warm and and dryers the hand at a faster rate.

Benefits of Automatic Hand Dryers

  • Prevent the spread of germs
  • Reduce paper towel waste
  • Maintenance free
  • Energy Efficient

    Automatic hand dryers are effective, energy efficient, low maintenance and they reduce waste. They are the ideal solution for any public or business toilet. The main advantage to automatic hand dryers is that they are hygienic. As they do not have to be touched in order for them to work, it prevents the spread of bacteria. When a large number of people use the same toilet, the risk of passing bacteria on to other people is quite high. Even though the hands are typically clean when you use the hand dryer, some people may not have washed their hands properly before they use it. Therefore it is more hygienic to have an automatic machine. Overall Hand Dryers and More supplies the highest quality, affordable hand dryers available today. We have a wide selection of automatic hand dryers and so you should always be able to find one to suit your needs as well as your budget.

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