Mitsubishi Hand Dryers

The new line of Mitsubishi hand dryers is a world-class departure from previous versions of the electric hand dryer. The new design has the user inserting hands inside the machine rather than holding them underneath. The "Jet Blasts" of air are more focused and dries the hands in a matter of a few seconds. Dual jets of 382 kilometer per hour warm air completely remove water from the hands in as little as three seconds. This makes the Jet towel system the fastest commercial hand dryer on the market today. Whether it is used in the work, office or home, it is considered the highest quality of all eletric hand dryer sysyetms. The Jet Towel line by Mitsubishi is the world's most environmentally friendly designer on the market. These "Green Machines" as they are referred to use less electricity and achieve what the electric dryer has always set out to do: Save Trees. No paper products are used and the expense of washing cloth towels (water, detergents, energy, time) is avoided completely. Mitsubishi provides a low-noise, high-speed hand dryer that is big on convenience and customer satisfaction while keeping the operation costs to an all time low. This product is user-friendly with an open side design, has a long service life, easy to maintain and employs patented ant-microbial hygienic design. Finally, it is manufactured by Mitsubishi and represents that company's renown for quality. Mitsubishi is a globally green company aiming to enrich society through electrical products and technology.


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