Saniflow Hand Dryers

Saniflow Corp from South Florida has three principal hand dryers on the market today: The Machflow, The SpeedFlow and Dualflow brands are designed with speed and energy efficiency in mind. All three models of Saniflow hand dryers are easy to install and vandal resistant. Saniflow products represent innovation, reliability and efficiency. The Machflow utilizes a low-energy, high-pressure design to dry hand quickly 10-15 seconds). Air speeds reaching 203 MPH and using only 405 watts of electricity makes the Machflow hand dryer one of fastest and efficient models on the market. The low noise design of the Machflow (68-75 DB) is on par with the industry standard being much quieter than other designs. This model is ideal for medi-clinics, office buildings and schools. The Speedflow hand dryer offers high speed at a competitive price. This customer friendly has airs speeds of 110 MPH. It features a manually adjustable motor to affect noise levels, is inexpensive, vandal resistant and has ideal �No Touch� features for a cleaner public restroom experience. Noise level is low (64-70 DB) with its reliable 1/3 HP motor. Drying time is 10-15 seconds with air speed of 4.920-9.9.840 LFM. The Dualflow model by Saniflow is a newly conceived U-Shaped model that represents that latest in energy efficient, speedy, environmentally conscious hand dryers. It features a manually adjustable motor to regulate wattage from 600 to 1300 watts. Noise levels (65-68 DB) can also be manipulated with the adjustable motor feature. Anti-microbial technology is integrated with this model and as with all Saniflow hand dryers, easy maintenance is notorious. Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at


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