Type of Industrial Hand Dryers

If you are looking for the toughest, most durable hand dryers on the market, then industrial hand dryers are what you need. Not only will they keep the washroom more hygienic, but they will also help you to cut back on maintenance costs too. When you provide paper towels, you constantly have to refill them and pay somebody to replace and maintain the devices when they go wrong. With industrial hand dryers their battery life lasts around 5 years, they rarely breakdown and they do not create a mess. Put simply, they are an essential washroom accessory. Hand Dryers and More are here to provide you with the most cost effective, affordable industrial hand dryers. We have many different models available and each of them is created to a high quality. The main difference between industrial hand dryers and other hand dryers is that they are designed to be used by hundreds of different people. This means that they are more durable and they will be vandal proof too. Overall industrial hand dryers tend to be automatically powered and they last for years. They use infrared sensors to detect movement and when movement not detected, they automatically switch off. All businesses could benefit from them, so why not take a look at our large selection of industrial dryers today?


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