Dyson Airblade Benefits

  • The Dyson Airblade is NSF Certified under the Hygenic Commercial Hand Dryer specification P335.
  • Ultra low energy consumption makes the Dyson Airblade one of most energy efficient hand dryers.
  • The Dyson hand dryer is a member of the US Green Building Council, Green Spec Listed which contributes to LEED accreditation in two categories.


    When searching for the best hand drying solutions for your restroom, you will find that Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers often come out on top. Dyson is a leading brand name and it is trusted to provide quality products. The Dyson Airblade in particular is a great model to look into. It has a 10 second dry time which makes it one of the fastest drying machines available on the market. It is the speed which it operates at that makes it one of the best hand dryers on the market. The Dyson Dryer generates speeds up to 400 mph in which literally scrapes the water away from the hands. Dyson hand dryers function differently then most conventional hand dryers. The main reason they are so energy efficient and use up to 80% less energy is because they do not use warm air. The motor Rotates up to 88,000 times per minute! Dyson hand dryers feature HEPA filter which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from the air which is used to dry the hands. Another advantage to Dyson hand dryers is that they are automatic and therefore they are more hygienic than most other dryers that have buttons to press. Hand Dryers and More can provide you with all Dyson models polycarbonate or aluminum at the most affordable prices. if you are seeking to cut cost with paper products, help reduce waste in our landfills and to make your your restroom stand above the rest. Take a look at our Dyson Hand Dryer collection today! In 1978 James Dyson started with a simple idea and five years later he had 5127 prototypes. His early success with air filters and vacuum cleaners lead to a five-year quest for research, design and development that has established Dyson as world leader in high-end home and business electronics. Working from his laboratories in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia, Dyson and his scientist approached the world market with innovation, technology and the quest to solve common problems of cleanliness and practicality. Dyson's entrance into the world of electronic hand dryers is a perfect example of how they sought to change the world by solving one problem at a time. A filthy washroom is a health hazard as well as an eyesore. Paper towels and cloth towels spread waste and bacteria and created a general problem. A cost effective system was need and has been provided. The Dyson Airblade Mk2 hand dryeris a high speed, low energy, low noise hand dryer that outclasses all other brands and designs. The new digital M4 motor combined with Dyson's trademarked Airblade technology provides high speed sheets of air that literally scrape water off the hands---from both sides, simultaneously. It is the fastest way to air-dry hands accomplishing total dryness in 12 seconds or less.

    The internal air propeller (Impeller) spins at 92,000 RPM equaling 28 liters of air per second. The mechanical, electrical and aerodynamic design is a power-dense package with a space diameter of only 3 inches. Small motor-high power output-excellent efficiency. Dyson engineers have focused on noise reduction too. Unpleasant noise produced from air being concentrated at 420 MPH through apertures as slim as a human eyelash have now been significantly reduced by six Dyson-designed Helmholtz silencers. Fast and efficient design, with limited noise pollution. This equals low operating cost, especially when compared to the wasteful and bacteria laden wet paper or cloth-towel systems. Install once and zero maintenance for the life of the system. Dyson hand dryers produce 73% less CO2 than most other hand dryers and 69% less than that of paper towels. Approved by the HACCP INTERNATIONAL as safe for use in the beverage and food industry---perfect for your restaurant/bar/food preparation business. This equals hygiene approval for almost every work environment and home use too. Infrared hand sensors make sure your hands never touch any surface that you do not want them to. The airblasts affect the hands from two sides, thus cutting the dry time and exosure by more than two thirds.

    "The technology addresses a number of unacceptable risks posed by hand dryers in the past. It's easy to clean and is a touch-free system. It also has a fast dry cycle. With the inclusion of a HEPA filter, these features combine to considerably reduce the risk of microbiological contamination and thereby meet HACCP international's food safety criteria." Clive Withinshaw Director, HACCP international Other superb models of Dyson hand dryers include: The Dyson Airblade V4 one of the world's first and smallest fully integrated digital 1400 watt motors. Engineers designed a fast and efficient dryer that protrudes only four inches from the wall. Another slim profile Dyson design that dries hands in 12 seconds or less with the most hygienic and cost effective operation on the market. New on the consumer hand dryer market is the Dyson Airblade Tap. This is Airblade technology employed at the water tap allowing users to directly dry their hands quickly---immediately at the sink. Source oriented drying eliminating the need to step away from the location of the wash. No need to move to another area. Saves time and energy and even the slightest drip from hands to clothes or floor. Cost effective, energy efficient and the New Wave in design

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