Touchless faucets are often found in public toilets or business toilets. Not only do they look great, but they are also hygienic too. You may think that installing one in your home or business would cost a fortune. Well at Hand Dryers and More we provide you with affordable touchless faucets. What’s more, you may actually find them more cost effective in the long run anyway; especially if you run a catering company. The trouble with ordinary faucets is that when so many people touch them, there is a large risk of bacteria being spread from one person to another. This is especially the case when somebody is ill and they do not wash their hands properly. Touchless faucets work purely by infrared sensors which detect movement. So when the hands are placed under the faucet, the sensors are triggered and the water turns on. When the hands are removed from under the faucet, the water automatically switches off. Therefore it saves water as well as promotes proper hygiene. Overall whether you are looking for toucheless faucets in the home or for your business, Hand Dryers and More has just what you are looking for. You could even choose to have a touchless faucet next to your manual one which you could use purely for washing raw chicken and for washing your hands when they are really grimy. A standard battery powered touchless faucet will last you for at least three years.


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