How Do Sensor Faucets Work?

When it comes to the most hygienic bathroom equipment, sensor faucets are definitely one of the best purchases that you can make. Here at Hand Dryers and More, we provide you with some of the best sensor faucets available on the market. Basically sensor faucets are designed to detect your hands under the faucet and that automatically triggers the water to be switched on. They are typically battery operated and they will only need to be replaced every 3 years minimum. It is also possible to purchase constant electric powered sensor faucets, but the battery powered ones do tend to be the most cost effective. If a lot of people use your bathroom, there is always a risk of bacteria being passed on and illness can be spread. Sensor faucets eliminate bacteria from being spread as they eliminate the need for the faucet to actually be touched. Overall sensor faucets can be expensive but here at Hand Dryers and More we offer you the most affordable products. You can be guaranteed that a faucet from us will last you a good few years, without the need for a battery change. They are also easy to install and they reduce water waste too. What more could you possibly ask for in a faucet?


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