Types Of Restroom Accessories

Our line of restroom accessories can meet all the requirements of your restroom whether it is meant for use in a business environment or as a private restroom. We offer a wide range of products covering various brands and many price points. Our comprehensive range of restroom accessories has something for everybody and we are ever ready to assist you in making informed decisions on the accessories best suited to your purpose. Here are some of the restroom accessories available at our store

  • Soap and lotion dispensers- We offer automatic soap and lotion dispensers in stainless steel and plastic bodies. You can select wall-mounted horizontal or vertical soap dispensers covering a wide range of soap-carrying capacity.
  • Paper towel dispensers- An entire range of attractively designed paper towel dispensers from simple crank hard-wound paper towel dispensers to push lever paper towel dispensers.
  • Electric hand dryers- We offer both push-button and electric hand dryers. Our heavy-duty wall-mounted hand dryers are guaranteed to aid user hygiene and work in an energy-efficient manner.
  • Grab bars- Standard grab bars and grab bars for the physically disabled. Bars are with preened grips and discreet screw mounts.
  • Restroom waste receptacles- Our range of waste receptacles / trash cans is wide enough to cover your needs. Designs include push door, push top, step on, self-closing etc. Choose from wall-mounted and stand alone trash cans made from stainless steel or plastic.
  • Restroom signs- Our stock of high-quality and durable restroom signs includes door-mounted, wall-mounted, and stand-alone signs. The signs cover the entire range of information that you may wish to convey in a direct and easy to understand manner.
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