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If you are looking for janitorial supplies then you have come to the right place. Hand Dryers and More provide you with affordable products that does not cost the earth. Whether you are looking for janitorial trolleys, buckets or carpet cleaners, we have exactly what you need at affordable prices. One of the main types of janitorial supplies that you will need includes brushes. Sweeping is a large part of a janitors job and so you need to make sure that you purchase a hard wearing brush which will last for a long time. It is also regularly up to the janitor to ensure that restrooms are kept hygienic. So you may be looking for bulk toilet tissue or toilet cleaning solutions. Other janitorial supplies which you may want to look into include cleaning products. We supply you with some of the toughest cleaning products on the market. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, we have the right type of cleaning solutions to suit your needs. Overall janitorial supplies are needed by all companies no matter how big or small. It is impossible to keep the work environment clean and healthy without the use of cleaning products and other cleaning supplies. Janitorial supply is much different to ordinary household cleaning equipment. When you clean the home, you do not have to usually worry about hundreds of people sharing the same space! You only have to clean up after a few people and so the products does not need to be as tough as industrial cleaners. Working as a janitor, you need to use only the highest quality, toughest products. So when you are looking for janitorial supply, you need to take this into account. One popular area of janitorial supply is washroom products. From toilet tissue to toilet cleaner; you need tough products to eliminate the bacteria in public and business restrooms! Floor cleaner will also come in extremely handy, as will a proper floor cleaner. If you are on a budget then you can just use a mop and a brush, but typically for the best clean you will need floor cleaner solution and a floor cleaner machine. Hand Dryers and More provide you with the best janitorial supply products at low prices. We only supply the highest quality and toughest products available on the market. So when you buy with us you know that you are getting the best products for the job. There are so many different types of janitorial cleaning supplies available these days. It doe not matter what sector you work in, janitorial supplies are always needed. Whether it is a carpet cleaner, a toilet cleaner or an air freshener that you need – all companies require cleaning products in order to keep the workplace hygienic and safe. Common janitorial cleaning supplies include cloths, hand wash, washroom chemicals, laundry cleaners and floor cleaner. Floor cleaner in particular is often used by janitors and it is essential in places which have to deal with lots of traffic. Different cleaners will work in different ways, but typically you need to find products that are extremely tough on dirt and grime. Ordinary household cleaning products simply will not measure up you need industrial cleaners when you are working as a janitor. Cleaning restrooms is one of the dirtiest jobs undertaken by janitors and so protective gloves and toilet cleaners are essential. Our range of janitorial cleaning supplies will enable you to give the restroom a powerful clean at affordable prices. Hand Dryers and More are proud to offer low cost, high powered janitorial cleaning supplies. No matter what your janitorial needs, you will find what you want in our store.


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