Fast Hotel Hand Dryers

When you go into most hotels, you will notice that they provide hand dryers in their washrooms. There are a number of reasons for this and the main one includes its cost effectiveness. You might think that paper towels would be a cheaper option for a business to use, but dryers are actually more cost effective in the long term. Their benefits include low energy consumption, built to last, and they do not leave any mess behind like paper towels do. Therefore they require less maintenance. So if you run a hotel then you should definitely look into hotel hand dryers. There are various types of hotel hand dryers available. Some are automatic and some are push button operated. Your budget will play a big part in which dryer you end up with. The main thing to keep in mind is that economy hand dryers are not designed for heavy use. Hotel hand dryers such as the Dyson AirBlade need to be durable and so you should opt for high performance hand dryers instead. More advanced hotel hand dryers will also have a face dryer feature. These are not overly common, but they could come in useful for guests who would like to quickly freshen up. Overall hotel hand dryers should be hard wearing, vandal proof and energy efficient. Hotels which do choose energy efficient products could also benefit from funding help from the government too. So that is certianly worth looking into! Hand Dryers and More provide a great selection of hand dryers that would be suitable for hotel use. So why not take a look at our range today to see if we have just what you need.


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