Why Buy High Volume Hand Dryers?

There is a new wave of electric hand dryers currently hitting the market---literally a new wave. These are High-Volume hand dryers that use powerful and vastly more efficient motors to produce �waves� of densely-packed air that literally scrape the water off the users� hands. High-Volume hand dryers force more air through smaller openings in their nozzles than previous models of hand dryers. The waves of air lap at the hands in extremely concentrated and focused volumes. The end result is a faster, more efficient and more sanitary hand drying experience.

High Volume Hand Dryer Brands

  • Dyson Airblade
  • Xlerator
  • Mitsubishi Jet Towel
  • eXtremeAir
  • Storm
  • World Dryer

    High Volume hand dryers are offered by most manufacturers. Dyson has the Airblade series. Excel makes the Xlerator model. Mitsubishi offers the Jet Towel. Each of these models has a low noise and speed adjustable motor that dries hands in 12 seconds or less. These High-Volume hand dryers blast air at 400 MPH with fans that spin at a mind-boggling speed of 92,000 RPM. This muscling of the air through narrow apertures in the system makes for a draw of 28 liters of air per second.

    Are High Volume Hand Dryers Sanitary?

    Touch free designs on most models ensure a highly sanitary, bacteria free hand drying experience. Like all electric hand dryers, High-Volume hand dryers eliminate the need for costly paper products, maintenance personnel, and waste. The new designs are cost effective when compared to paper towels or cloth towels. One-time installation of the product and the savings last the life of the dryer. High-Volume hand dryers make owning and operating and electric hand drying system a fun and fascinating point of pride for any washroom. Sleek and available in a variety of tech-cool designs, the hand drying experience will generate conversation in and out of the lavatory.
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