Type of High Rise Hand Dryers

High rise hand dryers are much more hygienic than paper towels. They are also much more cost effective in the long term too. High rise buildings have hundreds of people working in them and using the washroom facilities. As there are a number of washrooms in high rise buildings, if you were to provide paper towels for people to dry their hands on then it could a tough job maintaining them! High rise hand dryers are easy to install and they require very little maintenance. This is especially true with automatic dryers. Automatic dryers are typically energy efficient and they will not become worn due to high use. Push button dryers on the other hand can become worn, especially if you opt for economy dryers. For that reason it would be a great idea to invest in automatic high rise hand dryers whenever possible. Overall you dont have to worry about cleaning up after high rise hand dryers. The average battery life of a hand dryer is three years. So whilst you have the initial cost of installing the dryer, after that you dont have to worry about any costs until the battery needs replacing. With paper towels on the other hand, you constantly have to clean up after them and they need replacing frequently. So if you are looking for a energy efficient and cost effective hand drying solution, why not take a look at our high rise hand dryers to see how much you could save?


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