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What Are Heavy Duty Hand Dryers

These are the no-nonsense hand dryers that are built to last. Not unlike the newer more modern hand dryers, these rugged “Hi-use, hi-capacity” hand drying mechanisms are a no-frills older brother the latest arrivals on the market. Heavy Duty hand dryers offer rugged durability and are great for use in truck stops, highway rest stops, schools, industrial facilities or any location that may require an unstoppable hand dryer for hi-traffic areas. Take for example the Xlerator Model XL-SB. It dries hands complexly in 15 seconds or less. It is 80% less energy than other brands, is 95% more cost effective than the use of paper towel products and is GREENSPEC listed which means it helps qualify for LEEDS credits. Constructed of heavy duty, rib-reinforced die-cast zinc alloy, it is lightweight, unbreakable and rustproof. It’s exterior comes in a bright chrome or a chip-proof electro-statically applied paint color. Then there is the Saniflow Heavy Duty Auto Heavy Duty Hand Dryers Series. These are the white and chrome behemoths from your past. Virtually indestructible, these units are not only long lasting and compact, but come standard with anti-vandalism features that keep your unit safe. Available with both infrared automatic hands free activation or the classic standard push-button. Maximum robustness and a sleek vintage appearance are hallmarks of this enduring Saniflow titan. Also, not to be overlooked is the Airmax by World Industries. This compact beauty is low noise, heavily constructed, and long living. Perfectly sited for high traffic areas and vandal resistant. It comes in a variety of colors and is energy efficient. Made out of cast iron, steel and stainless steel covers, the AirMax is a workhorse for any workforce. These are just a few models of heavy-duty hand dryers. When the need is for a highly durable, cost effective, energy efficient, low noise, vandal resistant hand dryer for heavy traffic, high usage conditions, a heavy duty hand dryer fits the bill.


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