Have you considered purchasing a hands free faucet? Well here at Hand Dryers and More we provide you with some of the most cost effective hands free faucets available on the market. Providing you with only the best quality products, you can be sure that when you buy from us you are getting a faucet that will last you at least three years. So what exactly does a hands free faucet do? Well firstly it is a lot more hygeinic than a hands on faucet. No matter whether there are two or twenty people using the same faucet, bacteria can easily be spread from one person to the next. A hands free faucet eliminates the need for touch and therefore it is much more hygienic. Secondly it reduces water waste. It can be so easy to leave the tap running and completely forget about it. A hands free faucet automatically switches itself off after a certain time period. So there will be less waste and no chance of overflow. Overall hands free faucets work by battery powered infrared sensors. They are not overly difficult to install and they can be cost effective in the long term too. Our range of hands free faucets is affordable and they are also created to a high quality.


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