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Given the vast array of Electric Hand Dryers available on the market and the multiple features of each brand, model, and type the task of choosing the right Hand Dryer for your restroom need can seem a bit overwhelming. That is why we at Hand Dryers And More offer the Hand Dryer By Price feature. This will help you narrow down the field of choices by the simple criteria of what your budget allows.


Economical Hand Dryers

To start there are the lower priced models. These are high quality and durable work horses that dry hands quickly with ease and comfort and with sanitary concerns in mind. Models such as the GX1 Global Value Series, the Junior Push Button Series, Junior Automatic Series, the Senior Automatic Quiet Series and the Nova 1 brand. All of these models are priced between $85 and $160 and come with full warranties are cheap hand dryers Low-Mid Price models include The Senior Hand Dryer With Steel Covers, the Turbo Dri Junior, World Dryer Slim-Dri, Optima, Saniflow, Mediflow, high range and heavy-duty dryers. All of the Low-Mid Price dryers (a total of 12 in all) are priced between $160-$360 and come with full warranties.


Mid Range Price Hand Dryers

Mid-High Price models are models that are higher performance and have higher end features but are still in the more affordable range than the high-end, high-performance models available. These models include Extreme Air, World Dryer Smart Dri Series, Saniflow Speed Flow, Xlerator, and Turbo Dri brands. All of these dryers (14 in all) ae priced between $360-$540.


High End Hand Dryers

The High-End and highest performing models feature the fastest dry times, motion detection no-touch activations, high speed motors and energy efficiency to make them the highest quality and longest lasting hand dryers on the market. These models include Saniflow Duoflow, the Dyson Airblade, TRI-Umph High Speed Quiet Hand and the Mitsubishi Hand Jet towel. These are high-tech, state of the art High end hand dryers with extremely fast drying times and extremely strong air blasts that literally scrape the water off your hands. These models are priced between $540-$1599. No matter what your needs or budget we HAND DRYERS AND MORE has the quality name brands and model for you. Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at


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