With the new breeds of hand dryers coming to market and competing with the older lines there is one major topic that keeps coming up from consumers. Across the board the question comes down to Hand Dry Time. How long does it take to dry my hands COMPLETELY? This is an age-old complaint when it comes to electric hand dryers---that they take too long to dry your hands or it takes multiple attempts to get it done. Nowadays the technology has made it possible to dry hands with an electric hand dryer in just a few seconds.


It basically comes down to three tiers of DRY TIME:

  • 8 seconds to fifteen seconds. These are the fastest and most powerful dryers on the market. These brands and models include the Dualflow Plus, the Extreme Air, the World dryer Smrt-Dri, the Xcelerator, the Tri-Umph, the Turbo-Dri and the famous Dyson Airblade. These models are the latest and greatest in design and function. With extremely powerful motors, they focus blasts of heated air on the hands and the �Blankets Of Air� and literally scrape the water of the hand. These are marvels of modern day technology that make washing and the drying the hands in a restroom as fun as playing video games at home.


  • 25 seconds to 40 seconds. These are the slower, but not slowest of hand dryers. They are durable, cost effective, energy efficient and get the job done well. These models include the Saniflow Heavy Duty Series (Available in both push-button and Automatic no-touch models), the World Dryer Airmax Series, and the Sensor Dryer with Steel Cover. These dryers are the fancy Work Horses of the Hand Dryer world. Durable, efficient and quiet.


  • 45 seconds to 60 seconds. These are the true values of the Hand Dryer world. The serious hardcore dryers that may not be the fastest, but are the most cost effective, durable and vandal resistant available. These models include the Global Value Series, the Optima Medium-Range Auto Series, the Junior Push Button Series, Junior Automatic Series, and the Senior Auto Quiet series. Priced with the budget in mind, in both push button and no-touch. Top value with long lasting quality.


    Whether you need are sports car of a hand dryer or a brand new economy version we have everything you need at any price range. These dryers come with full warranties and will get your hands dry GUARANTEED! Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at

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