If you are looking for energy efficient hand dryers then you have come to the right place. Here at Hand Dryers and More, we provide you with the latest and best hand dryers available on the market. As global warming starts to become more of an issue single every day, we understand that one of your main priorities will be to cut down your own energy footprint. That is why we provide you with affordable energy efficient hand dryers for both homes and businesses. The best thing about energy efficient hand dryers is that not only do they help to save the planet, but they also help to reduce your fuel bills. By using less energy, your electricity bill will be reduced significantly each year. If time is an issue for you then you will love our selection of energy efficient hand dryers that take just 15 seconds to fully dry your hands. With an auto shutoff feature that turns the dryer off after around 35 seconds, you can be sure that no energy is wasted! Overall energy efficient hand dryers are popular these days, but they can be expensive. That is why we strive to bring you affordable energy efficient dryers. So if you are on the lookout for an environmentally, cost effective hand dryer then why not search Hand Dryers and More to see just how much you could save.


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