Benefits of Electric Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are one of the most energy efficient drying solutions available for washrooms these days. There are typically two types of hand dryers available; battery powered ones and electric ones. Electric hand dryers require a little more effort when it comes to installation and they will be more expensive to install too. However, in the long term they are more cost efficient as they never need replacing and they use up to 80% less energy than many other drying solutions. There are two types of electric hand dryers and they include manual and automatic dryers. Hand Dryers and More specialise in automatic dryers, but we still stock a good range of manual ones too. Automatic electric hand dryers are the most convenient and they also look stylish too. No matter which type of electric hand dryer you choose, you will be making a good cost saving in comparison to using paper towels. You constantly have to supply paper towels and they frequently need replacing. In the long term it will cost you more to use paper towels in the restroom than it would to use an electric hand dryer. Hand Dryers and More provide you with affordable electric hand dryers as well as other popular washroom accessories. So why not take a look at our wide collection today to see how much you could save?


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