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All Types of Dispensers

Remember when the only thing that dispensed anything in the restroom was a dry-powdered soap and a cloth-towels hand wiper mechanism? Not only did you not want to clean your hands with that gritty soap powder, but also as often as not, the cloth towel hand wiper mechanism was used up. The thing was a huge circular rough as sand paper cloth towel on a loop and when it ran out it just froze up and everyone wiped their hands on the last foot or so of towel left and it turned black with dirt and bacteria. Those days are over. The new versions of dispensers are quick, easy to use, a cinch to refill and offer a variety of things to dispense that not only clean and dry your hands, but smell good too.


  • Liquid Soap Dispensers These have been around for a while. They are easy to use with a push/pull lever that gives and individual portion of liquid soap. No drip designs make sure there is no waste and they can be filled with any number of varieties of soap, from the industrial type to the fragranced fancy/sexy and anti-bacteria kind. Inexpensive and easy to maintain, these liquid soap dispensers are a must for every restroom or office or business.


  • Foam Soap Dispensers These are similar to the liquid soap dispenser except they offer a foam version of sap that is more cost effective and easy to use. The foam version of soap is much easier to handle and spread. It costs less and uses less per use than liquid soap.


  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers These are items that should be in use in any public or private business. These can be found in offices, waiting rooms, restrooms, stores and other businesses or even in your home. Perfect for the kitchen or garage, they dispense anti-bacterial gel, liquid or foam and can be placed anywhere that people want sanitized hands. Easy to use and inexpensive these hand sanitizer dispensers can make any environment safer, cleaner and more appealing.


  • Other Dispensers and Refills We offer a variety of other restroom and office dispensers including paper towel dispensers, toilet dispensers and air-freshener (auto care and air care dispensers. Also, there is a full line of refills for each of the dispensers offered at Hand Dryers and More.
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