Best Commercial Hand Dryers

Commercial Hand Dryers are name-brand industrial model electric warm-air hand dryers that define the market. These are products that businesses and institutions buy and install in their washrooms, shower and executive break areas to save money and reduce waste and germ transmission. Commercial air hand dryers are designed to be extremely durable and built to last. They're intended to be used in high volume areas many times per day. Companies across the nation can save 90% on paper towel cost. When seeking commercial bathroom hand dryers it is important for them to withstand harsh environments such as public restroom, commercial buildings, stadiums, airports and schools. All these structures would benefit from the new generation of high speed commercial hand dryers.


Benefits of Commercial Hand Dryers

  • Automatic equals germ free
  • Adjustable speed and noise level
  • Lower energy consumptions
  • Reduces operating cost


    The new-line of Commercial Hand Dryers have speed adjustable motors that consume 80% less electricity and require no maintenance after a one-time installation. Green-Tech means that your unit will contribute nothing to the material waste problem that is represented by a washroom of wet and soiled paper towels or cloth town systems that require maintenance, disposal---not to mention chemical and water treatment that effects the entire world bio-system. Commercial Hand Dryers feature �No Touch� activation sensors that ensure no transmission of moisture-borne germs that usually infect a washroom strewn with wet/used paper towels or cloth towel systems.

    Which Commercial Hand Dryer Should I Buy?

    There are a number of key elements to check so that the perfect Commercial air hand dryer can be acquired. These are namely power, cost, design and noise level. For performance people have to look for a hand dryer that will effectively dry the hands in the least amount of time. If the warm air hand dryers take too long to fully dry the hands of users, bathroom traffic can get heavy fast. At best, try to look for a unit that has the right speed that can fully dry hands in less than 20 seconds. The new generation of hand dryers has made this possible. The American Dryer EXT7 uses only 540 watt of power and will completely dry your hands within 15 seconds.


    Commercial Hand Dryer Brands

  • Dyson AirBlade
  • Excel Xlerator
  • Mistubishi Jet Towel


    Brands such as these are among the fastest, cleanest and most sanitary Commercial Hand Dryers on the market today. They use extremely fast digital motors which focus waves of air through tiny apertures at 92,000 RPM---28,000 liters of air per second---400 MPH---warm air blasts that literally beat the water off the hands.Commercial Hand Dryers are available in all styles and prices at Hand Dryers and More.

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