Which Bathroom Hand Dryers To Purchase?

There are a number of things to know first before investing in bathroom air hand dryers. When your are ready to purchase take time to compare between brand, dry time and noise level, In the long run, they will maximize your investment by getting well-made products that truly last and offer convenience to the user. The establishment has to consider the space and type of business to find the best model that will suit its relative needs. First, they should look for the background and reputation of the company offering the products. Next, check the performance of the bathroom hand dryers. These should be strong enough to dry the hands quickly. Determine how many seconds it takes for the unit to completely dry the hands of an adult user. Fourth, check the size and appearance. Does the unit match the area where it will be placed? It should be of the right size so as not to overwhelm the bathroom and must also cater to child users. Next, check the materials used. There are plenty of makes and materials featured depending on the manufacturer such as polycarbonate, plastic and stainless steel. Among these, stainless steel is the most durable and will last for several years.


Electric Hand Dryers Keep Restrooms Clean

Bathroom hand dryers serve many purposes. First and foremost they dry your hands. New high speed bathroom hand dryers quickly wipe the water off your hands. Secondly they can lower restroom paper towel cost and labor hours up to 90%. Bathroom hand dryers will eliminate the need to physically restock paper products and eliminated unwanted paper products which tend to clog toilets. Lastly they help keep bathroom floors not littered with towels and an overall cleaner restroom experience. If you’re striving for a greener lifestyle, even a small change can reduce your carbon footprint therefore warm air hand dryers are the quiet and quick solution designed to meet a companies everyday needs.


Cost & Performance of Bathroom Hand Dryers

The cost of bathroom hand dryers varies from model to model. The low range of air hand dryers start at roughly $100. The middle range is $200-$300 and the higher range is $300 and above. The lower performance hand dryers are for small bathrooms with very light traffic. The typical dry time is is 45-60 seconds. If you are looking to limit paper towel use and have a bathroom with light foot traffic these may be the way to go. If you you have a bathroom that has average foot traffic the middle range bathroom hand dryer may be suitable. The typical dry time is 30-40 seconds and the cost is under $300. High range bathroom hand dryers are used for high volume foot traffic. The Dyson Airblade, Mitsubishi Jet Towel, American Dryer EXT, World Dyer and Xlerator are all high speed bathroom hand dryers. These types of hand dryers are used in stadium, airport, shopping mall and other large commercial buildings. Contact one of our sales representative for volume pricing at 805-230-3131


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