Benefits of Automatic Urinal Flushers

Automatic urinal flushers are usually found in public or business toilets. Where there are a lot of people using the same toilet, the risk of spreading bacteria can be quite high. Automatic urinal flushers are designed to prevent disease and illnesses from being spread around as they do not require touch in order to work. Most automatic urinal flushers work using a battery powered system. With built in infrared sensors, the automatic flusher can detect movement. More advanced systems will detect a person starting to use the toilet and then it will flush as they walk away. The most common automatic urinal flushers however, are the ones which require you to place your finger in front of them for just a split second. Hand Dryers and More provide you with some of the best automatic urinal flushers around. Our products help you to improve the hygiene within your home or buisness, at a great affordable price. One thing that you will also be pleased with is just how easy they are to install. Most systems will simply fit directly over your urinal handle. Overall we provide you with some of the best automatic urinal flushers on the market. Not only do they help to keep the home more hygienic, but they also look quite good too.


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