Benefits of Automatic Toilet Flushers

If you are looking for something to make your bathroom a little more hygienic, then automatic toilet flushers could be just what you need. Here at Hand Dryers and More, we offer you some of the best automatic toilet flushers on the market. The great thing about automatic toilet flushers is that they not only make the toilet more hygienic, but they also look great too. You can buy different types of auto flushers, but typically the most popular tend to be battery operated ones. They work using sensors that detect movement. Once movement is detected, the flush automatically kicks in. So, if you place your finger in front of the sensor, the flush will work without you actually having to touch it. This also helps to eliminate toilet handle damage which can occur over time. Our ranges of automatic toilet flushers are affordable and easy to install. No matter who you are, you should easily be able to install any of our flushers without much hassle. You do not have to replumb anything; you simply have to install the flusher over your existing toilet handle. It really is as simple as that. Overall automatic toilet flushers can help to eliminate the chance of bacteria from being spread. The average battery life of our automatic toilet flushers is 3 years; though it will vary depending upon the product.


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