Benefits of Automatic Sensor Flushers

If you want to create a germ free toilet then automatic sensor flushers are just what you need. You do not even have to touch the flusher in order for it to work. All you have to do is place your finger in front of the flusher button and it will automatically flush the toilet. The main advantage to this type of flusher of course is the fact that it is completely 100% hygienic. There is no chance for bacteria to spread from one person to the next and it keeps the rest of the washroom clean too. Usually you use the flusher, then you use a soap dispenser or you go straight for the tap. Bacteria that are lurking on the flusher will not only be passed onto your hands, but it will also then be passed onto the sink area too. Automatic sensor flushers eliminate this and that therefore helps to keep illness down too. The main concern which you may have regarding automatic sensor flushers is installation. Hand Dryers and More provide you with incredibly easy to install systems. They mainly just fit over your existing flush system and they require no plumbing. Overall automatic sensor flushers work using an infrared sensor. They also help to keep the washroom cleaner and generally a nicer place to be.


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