Why Buy American Dryer Hand Dryers

American Dryer has been creating quality hand dryers for over 60 years. American Dryer Hand Dryers are maintenance-free hand dryers are designed for many years of trouble-free service. Quality is assured through every step of the manufacturing process. Each dryer is thoroughly tested before shipping. All American dryers are UL and C-UL (Canada) Listed. Demand for American Dryers has expanded to over 30 countries around the globe. American Dryers has one of the broadest selections of hand dryers in the industry. American Dryer builds and tests all of its products in the USA to the highest quality and environmental standards. The American Extreme Air Hand Dryer With its patent pending technology, is 3X faster - it dries hands completely in 10-15 seconds. This is accomplished with a powerful blast of warm air that quickly breaks up the layer of surface water on a user hands for quick removal and evaporation.


  • ExtremeAir Series-High Speed - ADA Compliant 
  • Advantage Series-Industry Standard
  • Global Series-Econom


    American Dryer Hand Dryer Cost Savings

    When setting up a business or commercial restroom you will you have the option to use paper product or invest in American air hand dryer. Depending on volume of traffic in a restroom paper costs can add up very quickly. The one time investment of air hand dryers can save up to 90% in cost versus paper products and they also eliminate waste and further expenses. They keep restrooms clean and sanitary; and there is never any constant restocking as hand dryers are generally last ten years. Click on this link and you can find out exactly what you can save. The Cost Savings of Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

    Energy Efficient American Dryer Hand Dryers

    The American Dryer EXTREMEAIR hand dryer will help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy. The American dryer hand dryer Series have revolutionized the industry. It is the only high speed hand dryer to reduce power consumption to an industry-leading 540 watts of electricity. That’s up to 3 X Less Power than other “green” hand dryers. The EXTREMEAIR uses 33 times less energy consumption than virgin paper towels per hand drying. In fact the EXTREMEAIR can dry your hands fifty five times for the cost of one single paper towel. The EXTREMEAIR EXT7 hand dryer has the smallest carbon footprint of any method of hand drying – up to 86 less carbon emissions per 1,000 hand dryings than paper towels. The patented design is powerful and energy efficient, drying hands quickly with a small amount of electrical power. Government data was used to calculate the carbon emissions of the EXTREMEAIR EXT7 hand dryer and other methods of hand drying. While all of our warm air dryers have low carbon emissions, the EXTREMEAIR outperforms all of its comparisons with the lowest CO2 emissions per 1,000 hand dryings. Its reduced power consumption and fast drying time uses 80-90% less energy than other commercial hand dryers. Due to its energy efficiency, the EXTREMEAIR hand dryer saves you 95% of the costs of using paper towels. Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at





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