Gojo / Purell Update

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Purell Gojo Update

The manufacture Gojo / Purell has been back ordered due to the Coronavirus.  The current lead time is approximately 4-8 weeks.  Again this is an industry wide issue, which we have no control over.

Purell Refill Substitute for TFX Cartridges Now Available.  Click Here To Order

Dispenser and Refills Must Match!  

This means that if you have a TFX dispenser, it will only work with TFX Refills (Foam or Gel). If you have an LTX Dispenser, it will only work with the LTX Refills (Foam or Gel). If you have an ES6 dispenser, it will only work with ES6 Refills (Foam or Gel).

What Will Be First To Come In Stock?

So far we have been seeing the LTX model Dispensers and refills as well as ES6 Dispensers and refills come in.   TFX dispensers and refills are not a priority for GOJO/ Purell at this time.  Your best option is to go with either the LTX Model or the ES6 model as they appear to be more abundant.

If You Ordered TFX Refills

You can always update your order to LTX or ES6 which are both automatic and made by Purell.   If this is not an option, we would suggest that you update your order to accept either foam or gel.  From what we understand the foam will be available before the gel.  Note the foam will come with two refills per case and not Four refills per case.

If You Ordered ES6 Models and Refills

The lead time is anywhere from 2-8 weeks from today June 19th.  

If You Ordered LTX Models and Refills

We are currently receiving inventory and filling our back orders.  We recommend that you accept either foam or gel and are willing to accept White or Black/Chrome dispensers since the options are limited.

I Received My Universal Stand, But I'm Missing My Dispensers and/or Refills

We are slowly filling these orders.  You may receive partial shipments and we can not fulfill all the large orders at once.  If your order is still not complete, rest assured the we have not forgotten about you.  We are limited on what we have at the moment and will ship accordingly.



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