World Dryer VERDEdri Q-974A High Speed Hand Dryer - White Aluminum - ADA Compliant - Surface Mount

World Dryer VERDEdri Q-974A  High Speed Hand Dryer - White Aluminum - ADA Compliant - Surface Mount



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    Weight: 10.00 pounds

    The Brand New VERDEdri Q-974A is a high speed, surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryer 4” from the Wall, Hygienic HEPA filtration system and antimicrobial technology. VERDEdri Q-974A is extremely energy efficient utilizing only 950 watts of power. The adjustable two speed motor controls and global universal voltage features accommodate any commercial washroom environment.
    Benefits of the VERDEdri Q-974A

  • 12 Seconds to Completely Dry Your Hands
  • Automatic surface-mounted ADA compliant simplifies installation and reduces installation costs
  • High volume single port nozzle
  • Energy efficient utilizing only 950 watts of power
  • HEPA filtration reduces contaminates in the air when hand drying
  • Adjustable 2 speed controls to customize drying time, sound level and energy savings VERDEdri Q-974A
  • Global universal voltage – accepts 110-120 / 208 / 220-240 Volt
  • Incorporates SteriTouch antimicrobial technology inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus extending the dryer’s service life
  • IP24 rating – protection against harmful water ingress
  • Replaceable motor brushes extends product life
  • Optional adapter kit1 for top-entry surface-mounted conduit
  • Durable and vandal resistant

    Hand Dryer Placement
  • Dryers should be placed at least 2 feet apart and at least 12" from washbasin.
  • Do not install dryer over washbasin.
  • Automatic dryers should be at least 18" above any projection which may interfere with the operation of the automatic sensor.
  • Average traffic washroom..............1 dryer per 2 washbasins
  • Heavy traffic washroom..................1 dryer per washbasin
  • 54" wash fountain...........................4 dryers per sink

    Mounting Heights (From floor to bottom of hand dryer):
  • Men 44"
  • Women 42"
  • Children 32-42"
  • Handicapped 36"

    VERDEdri Q-974A White Aluminum Hand dryer

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