Saniflow M14A-UL Dualflow Plus Hand Dryer, Automatic, White -ADA Compliant - Lowest Noise

Saniflow M14A-UL Dualflow Plus Hand Dryer, Automatic, White -ADA Compliant - Lowest Noise



    Code: M14A


    Weight: 28.00 pounds

    Saniflow Dualflow Plus M14A White Hygienic Hand Dryer With Antimicrobial Protection

    The new edition to the Saniflow family is the Saniflow Dual flow Plus M14A Model (air speed at 232.6 mph) completely dries your hands in 10 - 15 seconds and comes with a fully adjustable motor from 600 watts up to 1300 watts. This energy efficient unit offers variable noise level, drying time and power use. It also comes with an internal tank for water collection with easy external drain valve to empty the water and with an acoustic and optical warning of a full water tank and a heating element that can be easily turned on or off. The external surfaces are protected from microbes & bacteria using silver ion technology from Biocote. Incorporates a removable, rinse out filter with anti-microbial (SurfaceAide XL) treatment. GreenSpec & LEED Certified. The new DUALFLOW PLUS M12 provides a premium experience in every aspect. It is very fast (10 - 15 seconds), quiet (only 65 dB on the eco-setting) and pleasant to use. It is very eco-friendly, saving more than 57% in terms of economical savings vs other "hands in" dryers on the market. Operation of the unit is hands free, and the water from the hands is collected, instead of water dripping onto the floor. Other great features include:

  • Adjustable motor speed to obtain variable power, from 600 Watts to 1300 Watts with the heating element “ON".
  • Lower noise level down to 65 dB
  • Anti-microbial Biocote- protection is integrated into the surfaces where hands are located.
  • Option to disconnect the heating element (“On" and “Off" option)
  • Unique removable filter with antibacterial treatment SurfaceAide XL
  • An acoustic and optical warning of full water tank on the frontal leds for a quick diagnosis
  • Easy maintenance : external drain valve located on the button of the unit to empty the water deposit.
  • No hazardous water pooling on the floor.
  • GreenSpec Approved & offering LEED Credits.

    Hand Dryer Placement
  • Dryers should be placed at least 2 feet apart and at least 12" from washbasin.
  • Do not install dryer over washbasin.
  • Automatic dryers should be at least 18" above any projection which may interfere with the operation of the automatic sensor.
  • Average traffic washroom..............1 dryer per 2 washbasins
  • Heavy traffic washroom..................1 dryer per washbasin
  • 54" wash fountain...........................4 dryers per sink

    Mounting Heights (From floor to bottom of hand dryer):
  • Men 44"
  • Women 42"
  • Children 32-42"
  • Handicapped 36"

    Saniflow Dualflow Plus M14A White Finish Hand dryer

  • 5 year