Mitsubishi Jet Towel JT-SB116JH-W-NA Hand Dryer- White - 10 Second Fastest Dry - Lowest Noise Level

Mitsubishi Jet Towel JT-SB116JH-W-NA Hand Dryer- White - 10 Second Fastest Dry - Lowest Noise Level



    Code: JT-SB116JH-W-NA


    Weight: 27.00 pounds

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  • Touch-free infrared activation
  • Hand dry time 10 seconds
  • Airspeed at nozzle 237 mph
  • Warranty 5 year parts, 1 year labor limited

    Traditionally, hand dryers have depended upon evaporation induced by a stream of warm air to remove moisture from hands, which usually works...eventually. Despite many of the benefits of hand dryers over paper towels, such as energy efficiency, a vast reduction of waste, huge cost savings and cleaner, more hygienic facilities, the most popular complaint against hand dryers is that they just take too long. This was the problem faced by a team of Mitsubishi engineers who spent 3 years analyzing past hand dryer problems to come up with a solution for the future. Employing a completely new type of technology, Mitsubishi engineers created a system which chucks the concept of 'evaporation by warm air' and embraces the concept of a high velocity 'blade' of air. The Mitsubishi Jet Towel forces room temperature, unheated and clean air through a tiny 0.3 mm gap along its 9" width at 237 miles per hour! The end result of this is that hands are completely dry within 10 seconds.

    Hand Dryer Placement

  • Dryers should be placed at least 2 feet apart and at least 12" from washbasin.
  • Do not install dryer over washbasin.
  • Automatic dryers should be at least 18" above any projection which may interfere with the operation of the automatic sensor.
  • Average traffic washroom..............1 dryer per 2 washbasins
  • Heavy traffic washroom..................1 dryer per washbasin
  • 54" wash fountain...........................4 dryers per sink

    Mounting Heights (From floor to bottom of hand dryer):
  • Men 44"
  • Women 42"
  • Children 32-42"
  • Handicapped 36"

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