Hand Dryers a Green Solution

Hand Dryers a Green Solution



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    Paper Jam! No towels needed with Hand Dryers In today's modern society, more businesses are starting to wake up and realize how destructive their Carbon Footprint is to the Earth we all share and with 7.74 billion people in the world by the end of 2012, that's a lot of unfriendly global eco destruction! Every business has a social responsibility to the community in which they operate and should be to the benefit of the people and the surrounding areas. A company personally regulating their own pollution output in order to be more environmentally friendly is a form of positive social responsibility, and while it may not always be financially beneficial for a company, it is beneficial in that it can make them more accepted as well as respected by consumers. Never Fear, Hand dryers are here!

    Hand Dryers Are Good For Business

    The good news is that many businesses are working to reduce their Carbon Footprint in the hopes that there will be a clean Earth for generations to come and have found that there are many simple green solutions to their daily routine. Among those solutions has to do with something we all do each and every day; washing our hands. Most people wash their hands about 9 times a day and even more so in the workplace due to sanitation standards. Moreover, when using paper towels, a company can turn a good habit into a wasteful one, which only further increases their Carbon Footprint thus causing further harm to the environment. Automatic Hand Dryers a Touch-less Solution

    Hand Dryers Are Sanitary

    Fortunately, there is a very simple, cost efficient, and even more sanitary solution to this everyday occurrence and the answer is commercial hand dryers. Some people argue that the electricity used is not energy efficient and that the cost of a electric hand dryer is far greater than that of a hand towel dispenser but they are only looking at the short-term. Not only do hand dryers save up to 90% in cost versus paper products but they also eliminate waste and further expenses. They keep restrooms clean and sanitary; and there is never any constant restocking as hand dryers are generally replaced once every ten years! If youre striving for a greener lifestyle, even a small change can reduce your Carbon Footprint therefore hand dryers are the quiet and quick solution designed to meet a companies everyday needs. Education and assistance is only a phone call away as there are thousands of hand dryer models to choose from as every dryer is a top notch specialized hand dryer equipped with cutting edge sensor technology. A service representative will take the time to find the best dryer to fit your organizational needs, as each order is custom made to fit that specific facility; the client is Hand Dryers and More's top priority. They take pride in their long-term associations and treat all clients just like family. Feel Free to join us at our next event Going Green and saving your business every month!