StepNpull Hands Free Door Opener Silver Finish

StepNpull Hands Free Door Opener Silver Finish



    Code: HDM-SNP

    SKU: Step-N-Pull-Silver

    Weight: 2.00 pounds

    StepNpull Hands Free Door Opener Silver Finish
    Product Overview
    Each StepNpull hands free door opener comes complete with mounting screws, door sign and installation instructions. StepNpull is manufactured in Springfield MO USA by Custom Metalcraft.

    Below are the StepNpull technical specifications:
    Width: 5"
    Height: 1.5"
    Depth: 3"
    Weight with mounting hardware: 1/2 pound
    Material: T6 aluminum with 70% recycled aluminum
    Finish: Powder coat
    Color: Silver (chrome), Copper Vein, Gold Vein
    Other: Rugged bumpers on the face of the StepNpull for wall contact where applicable. Informational door stickers (2 per unit) are included.
    Mounting: StepNpull mounts to the bottom corner of a commercial latch less metal or wood door via 3 mounting screws. The mounting hardware includes 3 #12 combo (metal or wood) screws and 1 sexed (barrel) bolt which goes completely thru the door. StepNpull can be mounted on a wooden door using just the screws but we highly recommend using the sexed bolt in the center hole instead of a screw. On metal doors the sexed bolt must be used in the center hole.

    Featuring the new the StepNpull touch free door opener. Perfect for public restrooms, No Bacteria or Germs