Mediflow Intelligent Auto Series with Temperature Selector

Mediflow Intelligent Auto Series with Temperature Selector



    Code: HDM-SF-M02A


    Weight: 11.00 pounds

    Mediflow dryers represent an advance in the design and features of hand dryers for public washrooms. The family of Mediflow LogicDry incorporates the most innovative drying system which regulates air temperature according to the temperature of the room. They are equipped with new electronic and anti-vandalism protection systems which make them the most secure dryers of their category.

  • Warm air hand dryer
  • Sensor operated by hand approximation.
  • Airflow temperature electronic regulation
  • Maximum power and airflow.
  • Maximum robustness and vandal-proof.
  • Suitable for very high traffic facilities.
  • Also in recessed version conform to ADA projection requirements.
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • It normally goes along with a soap dispenser
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    Opperations: UL comply with UL499 norm.