AHD Standard Horizontal Baby Changing Station

AHD Standard Horizontal Baby Changing Station



    Code: HDM-AHD107-00

    SKU: AHD107-00-Cream

    Weight: 15.00 pounds

    35"W X 20"H X 4"D

    FDA approv ed blow-molded high-density polyethylene. Reinforced full-length metal on metal hinge mechanism. Contoured changing surface area is 442 sq in (2873 sq mm) and comes complete with nylon safety straps and bag hooks.

    Concealed pneumatic cylinder and hinge structure provides controlled, slow opening and closing of bed. High-density polyethylene is easy to clean and resists odors and bacterial growth. Complies with ASTM static load performance requirements when properly installed. Warning: To assure that the unit supports the intended loads, baby changing stations must be properly installed according to the manufacturers instructions.

    To insure proper installation and compliance to building codes, it is recommended that a qualified person or carpenter perform the installation of the unit. The unit must be properly installed onto a permanent wall that is capable of supporting significant weight and can accommodate the supplied installation hardware. Drilling holes and mounting the station:
    1. Remove the station from the shipping container and check for any freight damage. Identify the best location for installing the baby changing station. Hold the unit in place, open the bed, and make sure that there is adequate operating clearance.
    2. Based upon the type of wall on which the unit will be mounted, determine the best method of mounting. Not all of included hardware may be required for proper installation.
    3. The horizontal unit has four mounting holes provided in the back wall of the unit, which are positioned on a 32" stud center. If possible, locate the wood or metal wall studs for fastening the changing station in the desired location. If the walls do not have studs on the center as outlined, make sure at least one side of the unit is installed into the stud Use toggles (supplied) for holes on the other side.
    4. Find the stud where you will be attaching the left side of the changing station to the wall. Measure 45.5" (1156mm) up from the floor, at the center of the stud, and mark the wall. Line up the top left mounting hole with this mark, then use a measuring tape and level to mark the remaining three mounting holes. This will locate the bottom of the station 28" (711mm) from the floor and the top of the bed at 33" (838mm).

    Using Wood Screws:
    If the wall has wood studs on 16" or 32" centers, drill 1/8" pilot holes at the marks and use the four 1/4" x 3" panhead tap- ping screws with supplied washers. If the wall is masonry or tile over wood studs, use a 7/32" masonry drill until you hit the stud, then proceed to drill 1/8" pilot holes into the studs and use the four 1/4" x 3" panhead tapping screws with supplied washers.

    Using Toggle Fasteners:
    If the wall has wood studs that are not on 16" or 32" centers, has metal studs, or an underlying surface of concrete block, drill with a 1/2" masonry bit. A minimum of 2-1/2" of inside wall space is required for toggles to turn. Insert supplied togg les and tighten, locate station over toggles, then use supplied 1/4" x 3" Phillips Panhead machine screws with supplied wash- ers.

    Baby changing station body shall be durable, high-density polyethylene. Design of unit shall be surface-mounted. Unit shall be equipped with a pneumatic cylinder for controlled opening and closing of bed. No hinge structure shall be exposed on interior or exterior surfaces

    35"W X 20"H X 4"D