Auto Spout Adapter - Bright Chrome - AF0630-12

Auto Spout Adapter  - Bright Chrome - AF0630-12



    Code: AF0630-12

    SKU: AF0630-12

    Weight: 1.00 pounds


  • Automatic water faucet attachment that requires only 3 "AA" batteries can last up to a year
  • Turns on by simply placing your hands under the faucet
  • Shuts off automatically when hands are removed
  • Utilizes motion-sensor technology so that water flows only as long as needed, making it easy to effortlessly save significant amounts of water and money
  • Quick and easy Do-It-Yourself installation on any standard faucet nozzle (15/16")
  • Avoid cross-contamination and germ-spreading by switching to a touchless auto-spout
  • Override button allows for constant running water, up to one minute
  • Perfect for hospitals, childcare, kitchens, shops, and other touchfree environments

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