Dyson Airblade AB10 Faucet Long Tap Hand Dryer At The Sink

Dyson Airblade AB10 Faucet Long Tap Hand Dryer At The Sink



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    Weight: 10.00 pounds

    Dyson Airblade AB10 Long Tap Hand Dryer

    Dyson Airblade Tap Wall Hand Dryer. Airblade technology in one tap faucet. Wash and Dry hands at the sink. Modern design with stainless steel finish
  • No Water on the floor. With a stunning 14 second dry time there’s no need for the user to move to a separate drying area.
  • The Dyson Tap will save space, Traditional hand drying methods take up valuable wall space, With the Dyson Airblade faucet tap hand dryer, there’s more room for extra amenities
  • The AB10 Dyson Airblade faucet tap costs on average of just $48 per year to operate, That’s up to 69% less then traditional commercial hand dryers
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by switching to the Dyson Tap hand dryer.
  • Free’s up Washroom/bathroom congestion with its fast 14 second dryer time. Users spend less time in the washroom and busy times
  • Hygienic clean air filtration with Hepa filters. 97.97% of particles the of bacteria and viruses as small as .03 microns are filtered out
  • infra-red activation

    Dyson Airlblade AB10 Brushed Stainless Steel Tap

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